Petzl Pirana


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  • Three different braking positions to select frombefore beginning a descent
  • Two supplementary braking spurs allow friction tobe varied during descent
  • A carabiner with a cross section of 12mm (e.g. ATTACHE) provides a tight fit in the small hole, creating a “rigid” carabiner / descender unit
  • Stays securely attached to the harness during ropeinsertion, to help prevent loss
  • Reduces the risk of leverage on the carabiner gatedue to poor positioning
  • When used correctly, the PIRANA prevents the formation of a lark’s head hitch around the body and reduces kinks in the rope, without decreasing braking friction
  • For use with single ropes between 8 and 13mm in diameter
  • Can be used on double ropes, but certain braking positions may not be usable depending on the ropes’ diameter
  • For use with a locking carabiner having a 12mm cross section (ATTACHE or WILLIAM)

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Weight .265 lbs
Dimensions 6.693 × 3.543 × .787 in