ISC Double Progress Capture Pulley


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The ISC Progress Capture Pulleys feature a new lightweight centre plate, re-positioned wheel to reduce rope friction and a rated Becket, through which even a ANSI Karabiner can be fully rotated. The RP703 is fitted with tamper-proof rivets and is individually serial numbered. The cam-face is coned to minimise rope wear.

  Weight:    905g (32oz)
  Body Material:   Aluminium
  Finish:   Anodised
  Rope Size:   10-13mm (3/8”-1/2”)
  WLL:   800kg (1764lbs)
  MBS:   40kN (8992lbf)
  Standards:   EN12278, EN567
  NFPA:   1983


Additional information

Weight 2.0018 lbs
Dimensions 8.66142 × 3.14961 × 2.32283 in